After the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) last week announced plans to equip 30 million UK homes and small businesses with smart meters by 2019, British Gas has rolled out its most advanced offering to date.

The new meter, which will be made available to its UK customers, is designed to help energy users cut annual energy bills and save money by monitoring and managing energy use. Government also hopes the devices will pave the way for more accurate billing, doing away with estimated costs. 

British Gas smart meter customers will be able to compare their gas and electricity use by the hour, day, week and year as well as setting personal energy targets using a traffic light system. Consumers will be able to keep track of when they are using large amounts of energy, or when they are being particularly ‘green’, with the aim of changing consumer behaviour towards the way they use their energy.

Dean Keeling, Managing Director of British Gas Smart Homes, said: “We want people to understand the energy they use and make informed choices about when to use it and how to save it. These new smart meters – the most advanced in the world to go into customers homes – will help customers do this.

“The Government has given the green light to the roll out of smart meters to every home and business in Britain. This means that households will find it easier to cut their energy use and save money.”

British Gas currently has the largest number of smart meters in the UK with over 400,000 installed in homes and businesses to date. Customers will receive their new smart meter as part of a phased roll out across the country.