Recent figures reveal that UK energy provider British Gas has now rolled out over 200,000 smart meters across the country.

Thousands of households across the UK now have the ability to keep an eye on their energy consumption, helping to cut carbon emissions and reduce energy bills. Just six months ago there were only 80,000 meters installed, showing a significant increase since the introduction of the feed-in tariff (FiT).

Smart meters give both businesses and residential properties the option of viewing their energy usage in real time, allowing them to devices which require more power at cheaper times of the day, such as electric heaters and washing machines.

According to Centrica, British Gas' parent group, the recent acquisition of smart meter data company AlertMe has played a major role in the company's smart meter strategy.

In its interim management statement, the company said, “British Gas remains committed to leading the industry in driving energy efficiency and enabling new technologies and during the third quarter we announced a £30m package for British Gas to 'go early' on the government's Green Deal programme.

“We now employ nearly 500 people in our insulation business, while in August we announced a new solar offering, mySolar Energy.”