The British Photovoltaics Association (BPVA) has today published the UK Solar PV Industry Charter, which sets out how the UK solar industry is delivering significant opportunities to the UK and its economy, and how it intends to continue to deliver these benefits in partnership with Government.

The Charter has been formed around five key aspirations for deployment and use of solar PV in the UK including the investment and development of energy security in the UK, the generation of financial security for families by lowering energy bills and creating new jobs, the provision of clean, affordable and renewable energy, the sharing of knowledge and expertise in standardisation and certification in the sector with other nations and finally, the reduction of the UK’s carbon emissions.

After discussing these aspirations with members of the UK solar industry, the BPVA anticipates a more constructive future where the industry will work to maximise the benefits available to consumers – and to the UK as a whole – following investment in solar PV energy.

Speaking on behalf of 45 solar industry signatories the BPVA states, “We intend to invest billions of pounds into the UK economy, building a sustainable industry, developing a new economy around this industry, deploying solar PV in homes, businesses, community buildings and by creating Research & Development and training facilities around the UK. This investment will revitalise communities across the country and increase the secure availability of affordable, domestic power, thereby reducing the UK's reliance on expensive, imported fuels.

“We aim to create thousands of UK-based jobs across a wide range of business sectors. So far, 25,000+ jobs have been created and it appears feasible to double this number by 2015. Companies large and small will benefit as investment in engineering, manufacturing, sales, distribution and training accelerates and extends from the solar PV industry into other industries including construction and green transport.

“We are firmly committed to reducing the cost of solar PV over time and to cementing its role as a vital part of the UK's energy mix. In doing so we will help to protect consumers from fluctuating global energy prices and reduce our dependency on imported fossil fuels.”

“All of the initiatives described above will drive the widespread adoption of Solar PV, thereby supporting the UK’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint. However, UK energy policy is at a crossroads. The government’s current work to reform the electricity market will determine the shape of the UK’s power sector for decades to come,” the BPVA concludes.

The BPVA’s Charter attempts to set out a clear framework within which the UK solar PV industry can operate with confidence in the future, and therefore with maximum efficiency to the benefit of the UK as a whole.