Solar developer British Solar Renewables (BSR) has joined forces with diversified industrial holding company, Siem Industries to develop utility-scale renewable projects in both the UK and worldwide. 

Siem Industries believes that the new agreement will help the company add renewables to its current industrial interests of oil and gas, ocean transport, potash mining and finance. 

Simon Stevens, member of Siem Industries Executive Committee, explained why the company has partnered with BSR, he said: “We believe that we can learn a great deal about the renewable energy sector from the experienced and talented team which Angus Macdonald has assembled and in our modest way help the team to grow the business in the long term.  

“Renewable energy, with the emphasis on solar energy, should form an important part of any country’s energy policy and the team at BSR is singularly well equipped to assist in transforming that policy into a cost-effective reality.”

Angus Macdonald, CEO of BSR added: “We are particularly excited about the growth opportunity within the wider renewable sector which this partnership will secure. I look forward to working with our new long-term partner in this dynamic and fast moving industry, as well as delivering our current strong pipeline of projects”.

Siem Industries’ 2013 Annual Report reveals that the company has been involved in the UK solar market before, committing £34.8 million to finance the completion of four solar farms in the south of England in December 2013.