Mongoose Energy’s Puriton Solar Farm. Source: Mongoose Energy.

BSR has signed a deal to perform operations and maintenance (O&M) for Mongoose Energy’s 50MW community solar portfolio.

The addition of the 14 solar parks will leave BSR with an overall O&M portfolio of 586MW and responsible for 46% of the community solar assets of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The five-year deal is the first of its kind to incorporate multiple community assets.

“We have a tried and tested, collaborative approach to community solar O&M, which means we are confident in our ability to effectively respond to the communities’ needs and work with them to deliver positive outcomes,” said Matthew Harnack, O&M director, BSR.

“We are looking forward to partnering with Mongoose and using our extensive experience to help maximise the output of these sites, and therefore improve returns for the community group members,” added Harnack.

Mongoose Energy has raised £100 million for community solar and, more recently, solar plus storage projects.

“It is vital for Mongoose and our clients to get the highest calibre O&M available, not simply the cheapest. BSR demonstrated throughout the tender that they understand our clients’ values and operate to the highest health and safety standards,” said Dan Kingscote, performance and operations manager, Mongoose Energy.

“O&M is a technically complex and time-consuming activity. To do it properly requires a well-resourced and experienced contractor to both manage the site and support in optimising asset performance,” added Kingscote.

14MW of the portfolio has passed into BSR’s responsibility so far with more to follow.