BT will source all its electricity from renewable sources after signing an agreement with Npower.

The move forms part of the company’s Better Future strategy and is estimated to cut BT’s footprint by one million tonnes of CO2 every year. Last year, the company consumed 2.3GWh of energy running its UK networks, data centres and offices accounting for around 0.76% of all the electricity consumed in the UK.

Energy and climate change secretary, Ed Davey, welcomed BT’s decision, stating: “I am delighted that BT is taking this approach to sourcing their electricity. I hope many other corporates will follow the lead of BT and others, in taking their electricity from renewable and low carbon sources.”

Under the agreement with npower, the energy supplier has introduced an electricity source label graded from A-G, with A-grade contracts ensuring that a unit of renewable energy is fed back into the grid for every unit consumed.   

Richard Tarboton, BT’s director of energy and carbon commented: “Purchasing 100% renewable electricity with npower sets a strong foundation for our new ‘Net Good’ ambition. BT strives to help society live within the constraints of our planet’s resources through our products and services. This is an example of BT’s commitment to be a responsible and sustainable business leader.”

Paul Massara, CEO of RWE npower, added: “BT’s decision to match its electricity use with 100% renewable energy sends a real signal that renewables are important to the UK and to British business.”