London-based solar developer, Camborne has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with American renewable energy provider, sPower. 

The agreement will see the companies develop ‘significant capital’ under the feed-in tariff, the outgoing renewables obligation and the upcoming contracts for difference. 

“The formation of the strategic alliance with Camborne allows us to capitalise on their position as a trusted development partner and to contribute further to the growth of renewables generation in the UK,” said Ryan Creamer, CEO of sPower.

Declan Mackle, CEO of the Camborne Energy Group added: “We couldn’t have asked for a better strategic partner than sPower. Their proven track record of success under seasoned and deeply-respected leadership, coupled with their aggressive and well-funded plan for gaining market share in the UK and North America, will mesh well with the foundation Camborne has laid.” 

The partnership forms an important part of sPower’s planned expansion into northern European markets. Mackle concluded: “To say that we are optimistic about the possibilities would be an understatement.”