Cambridgeshire County Council is looking to build a 29MW solar farm, adding another development to its portfolio.

The North Angle Solar Farm in Soham would be located just south of the Council’s existing 12MW Triangle solar farm. Triangle – which started generating in late 2016 – has delivered over £350,000 per annum net revenue to support Council services such as adult social care, it said.

Cambridgeshire County Council has been a staunch supporter of solar, announcing this month plans for a 2.5MW solar carport with battery storage located at Babraham Park and Ride in Great Shelford Parish.

It has also developed a school’s energy scheme, investing £11 million into 55 schools across its county, and unveiled plans for two solar-plus-storage projects on existing landfill sites in January 2019.

The Council has a goal of delivering net zero carbon emissions by 2050, in line with the national target. It is running a social media campaign, survey and series of online events to offer local residents and businesses the opportunity to learn more about Northam Angle and provide their views before it submits a full planning application.

Revenue generated from the project could fund the continuation and development of frontline services, according to councillor Josh Schumann.

“It’s also a way to ensure that we’re looking at smarter, more sustainable energy solutions for the future of our region,” he added.