Hamburg-based renewable energy firm Capital Stage is seeking new investments after refinancing two 5MWp projects in the UK.

The company has completed the refinancing of an unnamed 5MWp in south east England acquired from developers F&S Solar Concept in April this year and a separate, also unnamed project with the same generation capacity purchased last month.

Refinancing agreements have been sealed with financiers Bayerische Landesbank, and Capital Stage has said the equity released is now available for the firm to reinvest in further projects.

The deals have been structured as non-recourse project-finance loans with a maturity of 18 years. While no monetary value has been disclosed for the second project, Capital Stage did confirm it had raised £4 million from the project acquired in April.

Capital Stage has worked extensively with both F&S Solar Concept and Bayerische Landesbank in the past and the company currently maintains a first option on an additional 5MWp solar farm developed by F&S.

Last October Bayerische Landesbank refinanced seven solar farms located in Italy for Capital Stage, raising €24 million.