Caplor Energy has now completed the 49.6kWp solar array, installed on the roof of Greendale Carpets & Floorings’ warehouse, located in Herefordshire. Comprising 260 monocrystalline photovoltaics panels, the installation will generate nearly 42,000 units of renewable electricity and save over 23 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Greendale Carpets & Floorings is expected to generate over half of its total electricity needs from the system.

Andrew Bailey, Finance Director at Greendale Carpets & Flooring said, “It makes great business sense for us to make this investment. With the solar PV array, we will be able to significantly reduce our electricity bill and our reliance on the increasingly volatile energy market, as well as adding an additional revenue stream to the business that is guaranteed for 25 years through the feed-in tariff incentive. I hope it’s a great example of how businesses can become greener and more sustainable in ways that favourably impact on the bottom-line.”

Caplor Energy’s Business Development Manager, Jamie Baldwin said, “Business Parks are an ideal location for solar PV systems as they often have large, modern buildings with big roof spaces, usually high enough to be unshaded by trees and often with a good electrical supply connection. Businesses are also much more likely to use all the electricity they are generating, further improving the financial benefits of installing a system. We’re delighted to have worked with Greendale on this pioneering project.”