Herefordshire-based solar installer Caplor Energy has partnered with Shawbrook Bank to launch a new solar finance package.

The ‘Green Fund’ will allow customers to fund the total cost of a solar installation while still claiming all available feed-in tariff payments from the array. The fund enables the cost of an installation to be paid over an extended period of time, allowing homeowners flexibility over any outstanding balance.

Caplor Energy's Business Development Manager, Paul Hollingsworth, explained: “Homeowners who previously have been unable to afford the installation costs of a renewable energy system now have the prospect of owning a system outright and generating additional income”

“With energy costs rising by 30% in the last five years and likely to increase in the future, having a renewable system can help you take control of your energy bills and reduce the impacts felt from energy price hikes.”

The company will be offering the unsecured finance for periods between three and 15 years and for amounts between £1,000 and £50,000.