Solar installation company, Freewatt, has completed a 9.9kWp installation on All Saints Church, Wing, Buckinghamshire.

“We wanted to support the Church of England's national environmental campaign called Shrinking the Footprint,” explained former church warden Martin Findlay, who led the project. “In light of the current global climate change crisis, we felt that, in addition to praying at services for Christians to look after God's creation, the Church should take action to reduce its carbon footprint.”

The PCC began a feasibility study into the scheme and then began to raise funds, get a 'faculty' (special permission from the Diocese to carry out the work), and planning permission from Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Findlay visited St Denys Church in Sleaford, which was featured on Songs of Praise when the Bishop of Lincoln switched on the solar PV array (also Grade 1 Listed), to find out more about installing solar power on church roofs. Upon realizing the church’s potential, he then contacted Freewatt, which had installed the St Denys Church system.

“Martin was impressed with the work we had carried out at St Denys and asked if we could see how feasible it would be for All Saints,” said Julian Patrick, Managing Director of Freewatt.  “We have worked extensively on sensitive historic buildings which is why we developed our unique clamping system so I knew we could help as soon as we saw the Church.”

All Saints Church now stands to benefit from the 25-year revenue stream provided by the UK feed-in tariff, helping with the maintenance and upkeep of the church.