Conservative MP, John Stevenson, believes that it should be compulsory to fit solar panels to all new homes built in the UK. The MP for Carlisle has called on ministers from the Department of Communities and Local Government to make solar panels a mandatory requirement for all new builds as part of building regulations.

Talking to the News & Star, Stevenson explained: “We will create a much bigger market for solar panels. Economies of scale will drive down the cost and lead to greater innovation. Builders would integrate the panels within the roof, rather than sit them on the roof as is the case now, which would be an aesthetic improvement. It would save energy costs for householders. It’s a win-win situation.”

Stevenson reasons that his proposals would help stimulate significant demand within the market, last year over 100,000 homes were built in the UK. Such a large influx of demand would allow the UK solar market to lower production costs to such an extent that retro-fit installations would also become a more reasonable investment for existing housing stock.

Mr Stevenson concluded: “The cost of solar panels would be driven down very rapidly. When computers came along they were expensive but the price came down rapidly as demand increased.”