At the upcoming Intersolar Europe trade fair in Munich, Centrosolar will present its aerodynamic flat roof mounting system for photovoltaic modules. Providing an alternative residential solution for customers in the UK, the new Ceniq system enables photovoltaic systems to be installed on flat roofs with minimum weight load and without damaging the roof cladding.

Weighing in at less than 10 kilograms per square metre, the roofing product is significantly lighter than conventional mounting systems, yet the stability is not compromised. Wind loads are also accounted for through the welding process, which absorbs the horizontal pressure, as well as the addition of a deflector on the rear side of the system, which reduces the suction force of the wind on the system.

Roof integration is simplified with existing super structures or lightning protection systems. All Centrosolar crystalline modules, as well as conventional module types of other manufacturers, can be installed with the Ceniq mounting system.

Intersolar Europe will take place from June 8-10 2011 in Munich, Germany.