Chinese module manufacturers saw their dominance of global supplies strengthen despite the imposition of new trade duties in the US, according to a new report by NPD Solarbuzz.

The company’s latest Module Tracker Quarterly, revealed that the major Chinese firms shipped more than 6.5GW of modules in Q2 2014. The top 20 manufacturers globally, shipped 71% of all modules.

“Chinese solar module suppliers dominate the global top 20 supply group, and the amount of solar modules shipped by them last quarter was the highest quarterly level ever reached,” said Ray Lian, senior analyst, NPD Solarbuzz.

“This growth comes at a time when trade disputes are creating obstacles for Chinese solar suppliers, which suggests that strategies to address the regional markets are being successfully implemented,” added Lian.

With a number of strategies open to Chinese manufacturers faced with trade duties, those adding capacity outside of the country fared well.

Renesola’s outsourcing strategy has made it the leading market supplier to Europe, Australia, and India, during the past 12 months,” added Lian. “Another Chinese supplier, Canadian Solar, also expanded its module facility in Canada, while increasing shipments to its own downstream projects and to Japan, where its brand awareness has recently improved.”

Despite the new trade barriers in the US announced at the end of Q2, Chinese firms shipped 1GW of modules into the states.

China’s first half end demand has been low. The predicted second half rush could see more than 10GW of capacity added. Lian said the domestic market could provide an opportunity for further increases in shipping volumes.