Increasing its activities in the UK SolarEdge Technologies, the global provider of end-to-end solar power optimization systems, has formed a new distribution partnership with Cleaner Air Solutions. The company has already ordered 3MW of SolarEdge power optimizers and solar inverters in the first quarter of this year.

SolarEdge installations are said to yield up to 25% more energy than traditional PV systems, as they track the MPP of each module individually. The technology’s new form of design also enables the installation of PV systems on rooftops across multiple roof facets and with partial shading.

“SolarEdge offers a great opportunity to bring PV to everyone,” says Terry Skee, Commercial Director at Cleaner Air Solutions. “We expect higher return on investment with the added energy output provided by SolarEdge.”

“We are very impressed by Cleaner Air Solutions’ commitment to PV market growth in the UK. We recognize the high level of professionalism of Cleaner Air Solutions and its team and are looking forward to a successful partnership,” concluded Zvi Lando, Vice President of Global Sales at SolarEdge.