PV mounting and inverter manufacturer, Clenergy, has announced that it has earned the ISO 14001 environmental management systems (EMS) certification.

Clenergy hopes that the certification showcases the company’s commitment to sustainable development and protecting the environment. ISO 4001 identifies steps for an organisation to develop its own EMS, offering ways to systematically reduce its environmental impact.

The company claims that the implementation of the ISO14001 standard throughout its operations will help to reduce the cost of waste management, reduce its consumption of energy and materials and lower distribution costs.

“Protecting the environment is an individual and a corporate responsibility,” said Clenergy’s vice president Xiaoming Wang. “Everyone in our company is committed to the fact that we are here to make the world a better place,” added Wang. “Our goal is to make continual improvements and to raise our green performance. Just as Clenergy promotes solar solutions and renewable products worldwide, so too do we encourage our partners, customers and suppliers to do the same,” he concluded.