Essex-based Climate Energy has appointed Garry Worthington as Head of Green Deal. Having worked closely with Whitehall, DECC and the Big Six, Worthington will be shaping Climate Energy’s Green Deal strategy, establishing a business model for advice, marketing, finance, funding and operational delivery.

Worthingtonhas worked for Climate Energy for two years as a Strategy and Stakeholder Manager, looking after it’s relationships with the Government, local authorities and lobby organisations.  Before joining Climate Energy, he worked for E.ON as UK Corporate Environment Manager.

“The principles that Green Deal is built on are the same that underpin Climate Energy – the reduction of fuel bills and carbon emissions,” he said.

 “As well as providing real and tangible benefits for homeowners and businesses in the UK, Green Deal also presents significant and exciting opportunities for Climate Energy, from managing national and regional schemes on behalf of retailers and local authorities through to directly installing measures in homes.”