The UK’s first publicly-owned solar power station has moved a step closer to realisation after pledges for the ground-breaking project passed the £250,000 mark. However, project managers Ovesco are still looking for a further £5,000 to be invested by May 9 to ensure the ground-breaking project goes ahead.

Ovesco’s directors are hosting a round table evening between 7-9pm on Wednesday May 4 to answer further questions on the Lewes community system and invite further investment; Ovesco needs to raise at least £255,000 (of the system’s total cost £306,000) by the start of next week – the deadline for ordering panels.

A non-profit IPS, Ovesco plans to install a total of 544 solar panels on the warehouse roof of one of the oldest breweries in the UK, Harveys. The locally-renowned brewery has created a commemorative beer, ‘Sunshine Ale’ to celebrate, will benefit from 92,000 kilowatt hours of solar energy per annum in return for leasing its roof out for a period of 25 years. Any excess energy generated by the 98kW system will be fed back into the national grid.

If you would like to find out more about the project or to invest in it, visit the Ovesco website.