German solar equipment manufacturer Conergy has entered the UK market, opening a new representative office located in Milton Keynes. The company, which manufactures solar modules, inverters and mounting systems, brings 12 years of experience in the global PV market to the ever-growing customer base in Britain.

Conergy Sales Director Andreas Wilsdorf said, “In the UK, we are expanding our international presence by another growth market. Already today, Conergy generates about half of its turnover outside of Germany. We want to continue this positive trend in the future and remain unaffected by frequent market fluctuations”.

Robert Goss, Head of the Conergy office in England said, “With its solar modules, inverters and mounting systems Conergy offers quality, the UK can trust. Conergy‘s PowerPlus modules have a particularly high output there – not only in sun, but also in low light. In the English fog and in cloudy conditions, their attested, excellent low-light performance comes into play – and has the upper hand especially where other modules have a massively lower output capacity”.

“In future, we will be supporting out wholesale and installation partners on site with our profound knowledge coming from twelve years of experience in solar power,” continued Goss. “We provide starting aid to our partner companies in the emerging UK solar power market and train our customers in all areas. In this way, we are advancing solar power in the UK, together with our partners”.

Conergy will introduce its products and services to the British public for the first time at the solar trade show ‘Ecobuild’, which will be held in London on March 1-3rd.