Conergy PowerPlus modules exceeded performance expectations in a real-life test by installation partner Freewatt, which recorded a surplus of 15% efficiency when monitoring two separate ~3.9kW Lincolnshire installations over nine months.

Julian Patrick, Managing Director of Freewatt said the figures speak for themselves. “In the UK climate and light conditions Conergy panels are producing more energy than those of all competitive modules we used before,” he said.

The test period, from October 2010 to July 2011, showed that Conergy PowerPlus panels produced 2,860kWh of electricity, compared to 2,495kWh generated by the panels from the other German module manufacturer.  

“We can see from these figures, that if the trend continues, the Conergy panels are on their way to producing 4,038kWh per year with the competing brand only producing 3,546kWh annually,” continues Patrick. “This exceeds all expectations.”

With an average three bedroom home in the UK requiring approximately 5,000kWh of electricity per year, installing a 4kW system with Conergy PowerPlus modules could cover 80% of their energy needs. The competitor’s modules would cover approximately 70%.

Both systems analysed were installed in the same area and fixed at a 30 degree pitch. The panels were positioned with no shading and no other differentiating factors. Both systems were ~3.9kW.