Conergy UK has appointed former Balfour Beatty head of energy Paul Weaver and Lindsey Geraghty as the company’s new joint managing directors, replacing the departing Robert Goss.

The duo will take on duties left by Goss and their appointments complete the firm’s management restructure as Conergy UK has reasserted its “ongoing commitment” to the UK market.

Weaver joined Conergy earlier this year from infrastructure firm Balfour Beatty and was immediately tasked with leading its dedicated rooftop division, whereas Geraghty will continue to oversee the group’s HR, finance and administrative departments, a job she has held since joining Conergy four years ago.

“Whilst we are not blind to the challenges that face the industry at this time we remain as committed as ever to the deployment of solar across the UK, and to raising awareness of the importance of renewable energy from an economic and an environmental perspective,” Weaver said.

“Our team of experts – from planning through to project management and maintenance – boast a wealth of experience within the sector; and with a number of significant rooftop and ground-mount projects entering various stages of development across the country we look forward to continuing to add to our existing portfolio over the coming months,” he added.

Robert Goss brought an end to his near-five year association with Conergy last month and is now dedicating more time to Solar Electric Ireland, a Wexford-based developer aimed at operating in Ireland’s nascent solar market.

The reassertion of Conergy’s commitment to the UK comes just days after fellow international developer SunEdison took the decision to exit the market, selling the Mark Group business it bought just four months ago and, in the process, triggering its administration.