According to the latest research from the British Standards Institute (BSI) only one in five homeowners is likely to sign up for the Green Deal. The majority of the 1,200 respondents admitted that they knew too little about the scheme to take part.

The research, which monitored perceptions of the Green Deal in January and June 2012, found that 89 percent of homeowners are unsure about the Green Deal and require more information from independent third parties before purchasing Green Deal accredited products and services.

BSI’s findings from the very beginning of the year demonstrated that 55 percent of respondents were ‘unsure’ whether the Green Deal is a good initiative while one third of respondents were worried about the disruption that installing Green Deal products would have to their homes.

The most recent research found these anxieties have not been appeased as 61 percent of respondents remain hesitant when thinking about taking part in the Green Deal while only one in five would consider taking part in the scheme.

In response to this uncertainty, BSI is developing a Kitemark for Energy Efficient Buildings (EBB) to certify Green Deal products, advisors and installers. The survey found that 70 percent of respondents trusted this symbol as a sign of quality. BSI hopes the new Kitemark will enhance consumer understanding of the initiative, reassure homeowners about the quality of the various Green Deal suppliers, and give people the confidence to take part in the scheme.

Maureen Sumner Smith, Global Marketing Director, said: “There is a strong appetite for green initiatives among UK consumers, but our survey demonstrates the need for support and guidance surrounding the Green Deal.

“Retailers will be crucial to making the scheme a success and providing consumers with the education and certified products they need. We will work in partnership with our clients, to support them as they rollout their Kitemark range, ultimately helping the Government meet its 2020 sustainability objectives.”

This study was carried out by TNS via OnLineBus, an Internet omnibus survey.