Crompton Solar has launched a fully-tested plug and play switching system, designed to making it easier and more time efficient for solar installers to complete the fiddly wiring process to a high standard. The robust lightweight Combi-Switch, available in either plastic or steel casing, will simply plug in, saving up to 90 minutes on site per installation.

The Crompton Combi-Switch is also designed using true DC isolators as opposed to an AC type de-rated or re-wired for DC operation, effectively removing the problem that the AC type of switch is self-extinguishing.

John Bradley, Managing Director of Crompton Solar said, “We are proud of our heritage supplying high quality drives and controls into various industries. Applying our expertise to the renewables sector identified a real time saving opportunity for our customers, which we have subsequently used on many recent projects. With the increased activity surrounding the race towards the March Feed in Tariff review, we are now making Crompton Combi- Switch and Combi-Complete available for all seeking a quality, high yield, reliable controls system that significantly reduces the time taken to install.”

Martin Davidson a Director of Strategic Energy said, “Using Crompton Combi products have improved our productivity. The design of these components is so well thought through that it has increased our roll out capacity in real time and given us the confidence to push our scheduling. This in turn has pleased our clients and of course the investors.”

Installers also have the option of utilising the Combi-Complete, which combines the inverter, Combi-Switch and the meter, proving a total solution for large roll out or one-off installations.