Much like Solar Power Portal’s monthly round-up of solar installation figures in the UK, the DECC has released its first quarterly report of Energy Trends, which contains the Department’s first publication of feed-in tariff statistics covering installed capacity for the first quarter of the FiT scheme (1st April – 30th June 2010).

The DECC states that in future these statistics will be updated on a quarterly basis, two months in arrears.

At the end of the quarter, 15.2MW of capacity, across 2,771 installations, had been included under the FiT scheme. The figures are based on ‘date of confirmation’ so will include schemes installed prior to Q2 2010 (but after 15th July 2009). More than 2,700 (98%) of these installations were solar photovoltaics, and the majority of these were under 4kW in size and retrofitted on UK residential rooftops.

The SPP reported at the end of last month that August was a record period for the amount of solar installations in the UK. Figures climbed to 3,642 (8.739MW), which is almost triple the amount installed in July. While the figure for September has fallen slightly (although it may be updated by the end of today), it is still almost as high as the three months the DECC is reporting on put together. From Sept. 1-30th total solar PV installation figures were 2,339 (6.087MW).