Renewable energy generation in the UK reached a record 21.1TWh in Q1 2015, bolstered by a significant increase in solar PV capacity.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change revealed the statistic in its energy generation trends document for June, released today, which shows energy generation from renewable sources to have soared to 22.3% of total energy generation, up 2.6 percentage points year-on-year.

Solar PV generation was a strong climber during the period, increasing 60% year-on-year to 0.8TWh on the back of a surge in added capacity. DECC claims total renewable energy capacity stood at 26.4GW, a 7.4% increase on the previous quarter which, again, was down to increased solar capacity.

However the document claims that just 1.8GW of new renewable energy generation capacity was added during the quarter – 1.4GW of which was solar – conflicting with Solar Intelligence data which shows more than 2.5GW of solar capacity alone was added in the three months ended 31 March.

Finaly Colville, head of Solar Intelligence, said: “It takes DECC about six to nine months to add up all the capacity installed in Q1 each year. For asset owners and O&M providers that's too long. Also, it offers the National Grid no chance of planning for summer month balancing of the grid.”