The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is seeking industry feedback on whether to continue publishing weekly solar installation figures.

Currently, DECC is only obligated to publish weekly solar installation statistics up to the end of August. However, the department has become aware of demand from solar installers to keep publishing the weekly figures. As a result, DECC is proposing two different options for industry going forward, either to: stop the series at the end of August and revert back to the monthly publication of statistics or, continue with a weekly data set but change the underlying methodology so that the data aligns better with the existing ‘Monthly MCS and ROOFiT statistics’ table.

DECC’s proposed changes are intended to stop such drastic revisions of the statistics that occurs at the moment. The department notes that installation figures for the latest week are always revised upwards substantially in the following week. Under the proposed methodology DECC hopes to put an end to the large revisions, which in previous weeks has been up to 40 percent.  

The department is seeking industry’s opinions on which of the two proposed methods would be preferable and what industry uses the weekly PV statistics for. DECC’s consultation closes on August 21 at 5pm. The full consultation document can be read here.