Derry Newman, CEO of Solarcentury, has announced his plans to retire from April this year. Newman joined Solarcentury in December 2006 and oversaw an unprecedented level of success at the company. Under Newman’s stewardship, Solarcentury appeared in the annual Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league tale of the fastest growing UK tech companies in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Prior to joining Solarcentury, Derry worked at Sony Europe for over ten years, during which he was appointed Senior Vice President Operations of Sony Europe in 2003 and was subsequently appointed Managing Director of Sony United Kingdom in June 2004.

Newman explained his decision to retire by saying: “I have reached a point where I need more time to spend with my family.  I do so having enjoyed the six most thrilling years of my vocational life, with an amazing team of people. My memories are many but I will particularly treasure the work we did installing solar in so many schools and opening a system with Alistair McGowan whilst he was being David Attenborough to 200 teenagers. 

“Meanwhile, the individual who takes over the helm of this flagship of green industrial revolution has a rare privilege to lead a special company to a greater future, and I wish them every success.”

Jeremy Leggett, Chairman of Solarcentury, said: “This is sad news for all of us at Solarcentury.  Derry Newman is an exceptional leader and manager, who has led this company through a minefield since the credit crunch unfolded and Big Energy blowback began in earnest against the renewables industries.

“Not only did he lead in keeping us alive, he and the team he moulded broke records and won elite awards as he did it. For myself, I have enjoyed a textbook chairman-CEO relationship with him that has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my vocational life. I and the team will keep the candle for hope that is Solarcentury alive and prospering and build upon all the work Derry has done here.”