Image: DNOC.
Image: DNOC.

DNO Consulting (DNOC) is an independent connection provider company specialising in high-voltage engineering, design and installation. The company works across several sectors, including solar, battery storage and data centres.

DNOC is pleased to announce that it is manufacturing 33kV customer substations for battery energy storage systems (BESS) and solar projects utilising the benefits of Digital Protection and GOOSE protocol, giving a delivery time from order to supply of 35 weeks.

This has been achieved through the standardisation of circuit breakers and protection systems.

We have noted that too often, customer substations are re-designed for each project whilst delivering very similar functionalities. This approach leads to a longer build time, increased wiring complexity and protracted testing and commissioning periods.

Image: DNOC.

Digital protection offers enhanced flexibility, reliability, simplified design and build. Utilising these benefits, Digital Protection and IEC61850 allow a design that offers the flexibility to provide comprehensive protection and control of the customer substation through a standardised approach. 

Our method reduces the design and build time by many weeks for each control section and radically simplifies the inter-bus and protection cubicle wiring. This significantly reduces the need for bespoke engineering changes and accelerates the path from delivery to full energisation. 

The selection of digital control extends to project-specific Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), which leverage the benefits of Digital Protection and IEC61850. The HMI panel offers SCADA control over multiple communications protocols.

Distribution Network Operators are adopting Digital Protection as an innovative control and protection solution within the UK power network.

Through DNOC’s extensive expertise in designing and delivering high-quality modular substations, this approach allows us to offer customers a significant reduction in lead time and early design freeze to aid in coordinating other contractors.

When offered in conjunction with DNOC’s proven track record of successful delivery as an Independent Connection provider, PSE 2 Consulting’s strong reputation for the delivery of design, and the excellent products offered by Ormazabal UK, we believe this is an exceptional full-service market-leading offer providing direct and indirect benefits to customers throughout their project lifecycles.

DNOC has a South Wales factory where bespoke containerised substation buildings are assembled.

As these substations are fully fitted out in the factory, they are delivered to sites as a complete, finished unit ready to be commissioned.

Over the last ten years, DNOC has connected more than 170 utility-scale generation schemes at 33kV and 11kV using its steel substations, which have been accepted across the UK.

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