Adding to the list of successful solar projects over 50kW, Duncan Solar has announced the completion of its 99.9kWp system installed at WE Jameson & Son Ltd's operations in Masham, North Yorkshire.

Comprised of 540 Schüco panels and installed in just under four weeks, the roof-mounted PV project ranks among the largest in the UK.

“Our feed mill has an enormous requirement for power, so reducing our reliance on carbon based energy was, and still will be, a great priority for us. Having a huge area of redundant roof space also seemed to be a wasted asset and once the Government brought in the feed-in tariff, fitting a PV system to the roof seemed to be the logical conclusion.

“We knew that beating the 1st August deadline was always going to be tough, and missing it would have reduced the return from the system, so we needed a contractor who had experience, but more importantly had plenty of skilled manpower…..they have been professional from the outset, have been responsive to all our concerns and shown great awareness of our priority to our customers and for health and safety while working on our busy site,” said Graham Jameson of WE Jameson & Son Ltd.

The company is now planning an open day for the general public to view the installation.