Councillors in Dundee have approved plans that could see solar panels installed across thousands of council buildings, including homes. The Council is now in the process of acquiring a commercial partner to install and maintain the systems over 25 years.

The Courier reports that council buildings with south-facing roofs will be considered for suitability, although it is not clear at this point how many will actually receive a solar installation. Like other, similar schemes, the tenants will benefit from the free renewable energy and reduced carbon footprint while the solar developer recoups the initial investment through the feed-in tariff payments. Any excess energy will be fed back into the National Grid.

City Development Director Mike Galloway said, “Several commercial organisations have approached the council offering to install PV panels on our buildings at no cost to the council. The companies themselves would keep the generation and export tariffs to secure a return on their investment. The council would benefit by saving on its annual electricity bill.”

The Council will now issue a tender for the scheme; it will then be up to the commercial partner to carry out surveys and install the equipment. If the property is sold, the ownership of the panels remains with the company – not the homeowner.