E.ON Next unveils its 'Next Export Premium Plus' and 'Next Export Premium' tariffs. Image: E.ON Next
E.ON Next unveils its ‘Next Export Premium Plus’ and ‘Next Export Premium’ tariffs. Image: E.ON Next

E.ON Next has unveiled two new solar export tariff rates designed to offer solar-equipped customers attractive returns when selling excess energy back to the grid.

The premium option, ‘Next Export Premium Plus’, offers 40p per kWh of electricity exported and is exclusive to E.ON Next energy customers who have had both solar panels and a battery solution installed by E.ON since 1st January 2024. E.ON Next also offers the ‘Next Export Premium’ tariff, paying 25p per kWh under the same eligibility conditions.

Supporting clean energy

Julian Lennertz, chief commercial officer at E.ON Next, emphasised the company’s commitment to increasing renewable energy adoption: “At E.ON Next, we’re aware that many people want to get more from their energy and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Generating your own clean, renewable energy is an excellent way to do just that as we head towards our new energy world.”

He continued: “Investing in solar panels is a big step, so it’s crucial we help to make this decision as easy and cost-effective as possible. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to offer our new market-leading Smart Export Guarantee rates, helping ensure customers get the most from their solar power.”

In addition to the new tariffs, E.ON is also offering solar panel systems starting at £4,995, with a 30-year performance warranty, optional battery storage and flexible finance options. E.ON’s Home app integration further enables customers to monitor and manage their energy usage, including solar generation, EV charging, and heating controls.

This article first appeared on Solar Power Portal’s sister publication Current±.