To date, green services provider Eaga has installed free solar power for more than 1,000 social housing households through its Clean Energy Programme in the UK. Utilising the feed-in-tariff (FIT) Eaga has been able to install solar photovoltaics systems for social housing residents at no cost to them or the landlord.

Working in partnership with 11 social housing providers, over 1,000 residents are now benefitting from free electricity. Typically, Eaga’s Clean Energy Programme customers are reporting savings on their fuel costs of around a third, and in some cases up to a half.

Gladys Smith, resident of Welwyn and Hatfield Housing Trust, which has received 400 systems from Eaga, said she took a lot of convincing to have a solar system fitted to her home but has been hugely impressed with the results. Link “At first I was really doubtful and needed persuading by my neighbour.  However, I am now seeing significant savings on my energy bills and I’m sure these will increase as we go through winter and I try and use as much of my electricity needs during the day when it’s free. This has been a really good thing for me, and with rising energy costs I would urge anyone who can have the system to do so,” she said.

John Swinney, Eaga Director said, “We were delighted that so many partners and guests were able to join us at this reception. The Government’s focus and continuing support for the green agenda offers considerable opportunities for those in the private sector with innovative and creative solutions. We believe our Clean Energy Programme demonstrates this perfectly – and underlines the very real benefits of working in partnership with public sector housing providers”.

The green services provider used an industry reception in the Houses of Parliament to tell some 150 guests and business partners of its latest milestone.