Earthwise Products is launching the SOLiC 200 – an intelligent immersion switch that will divert excess electricity generated by a solar array to a property’s immersion heater before it is exported to the grid.

The UK manufactured SOLiC 200 complies with both CE and British Standards, as well as being designed to operate for 25 years, which includes a 10-year replacement guarantee.

Earthwise Products estimates that return on investment can be realised in less than three years, with the SOLiC 200 capable of generating savings of £250 a year.

The SOLiC 200 is designed to take advantage of the assumed 50% exportation of solar-generated electricity that most households get. The installation of an immersion switch ensures that users are enjoying the largest possible benefit of a system. Households with free solar arrays installed should also consider the installation of an immersion switch to enjoy the maximum savings possible.