The 3D design feature went live last Tuesday (24 Tuesday) and follows Midsummer relaunching the software back in September 2021. Image: Midsummer Energy.

Solar design software Easy PV, developed by solar wholesaler Midsummer, will now allow users to construct 3D models of their residential and commercial buildings.

The software also supports complex roofs, properties that include extensions and obstructions such as nearby building and trees that cast shade on photovoltaic (PV) arrays.

These visualisations, which show shading throughout the day and months of a year, would then auto-generate MCS-compliant analysis to include shading factor values.

“We’re really excited to roll out such a big update. It’s going to be such a valuable asset for all our users, who can save time and effort on their designs. It’s also a much more persuasive sales tool when pitching projects to customers, now that they’ll really be able to imagine panels on their own roof! I think it will have a great impact,” said Andy Rankin, managing director at Midsummer.

The update went live for public access last Tuesday (24 January), and follows Midsummer relaunching the software back in September 2021. Its new 3D design feature builds on the software’s established offering, which includes:

  • Design for complex roofs to scale
  • Place obstacles such as chimneys, rooflights and vent
  • Autofill roofs with a choice of panels
  • Size inverters to suit array, and auto-recommend string configuration
  • Cable voltage drop calculations
  • Full bill of materials, including choice of mounting system
  • Live stock and pricing at Midsummer
  • Sunpath diagrams and lifetime system performance calculations
  • Homeowner energy consumption and system financial payback calculations
  • Customer quote and report creation with installer logo
  • Schematic for the system
  • Structural calculations for weight, wind and snow loads
  • Autocompletion of DNO forms
  • Unlimited project storage

Midsummer itself has gone from strength to strength recently, as the solar sector in the UK continues to surge. This includes trading at a level that is three times its sales volumes from a year ago.