Leeds-based installation company Eclipse Solar has signed a major advertising deal that will see the company’s message displayed across the pitch side LED boards during Rugby Super League games on Sky Sports, Fox Sports, and the BBC.

The sponsorship is the latest addition to the Eclipse campaign, which also includes web and radio advertising. The company hopes that by utilising a mainstream platform, it will be able to reach those homeowners who are not yet aware of the benefits solar energy can provide.

Chris Cash, Eclipse Solar’s Managing Director is positive about the future of solar in the UK despite recent feed-in tariff cuts. “Solar has now proven itself to be a fantastic technology in the UK. Before the feed-in tariff, most UK homeowners wrongly assumed that it needed to be sunny like Spain for it to work,” he explained.

“Our radio adverts are now reaching vast audiences and we want to continue to get the message out there that the returns on solar are as good as ever regardless of tariff drops. Since PV component prices have halved this ever-expanding market continues to move forward; the technology is proving to be a 'no brainer' as energy costs continue to rise”.

Last weekend’s broadcast on Sky Sports and the BBC reached approximately 1.2 million viewers.