Kidderminster-based solar specialist, Eco2Solar, is hoping to inspire local people to consider their environmental impacts after installing a soar array at Northfield Ecocentre.

The solar company installed two separate PV systems at the Ecocentre, which will use the solar systems as a unique educational resource to turn local residents on to the power of solar energy.

The two installations also showcase the flexibility of solar, with one system installed on pitched-roof and the other on the centre’s flat-roof.

Eco2Solar expects the systems to produce a combined 1,923kWh of clean, green electricity every year for the Ecocentre to consume freely on site. The arrays will reduce the Ecocentre’s carbon footprint by 3.53 tonnes a year – the equivalent of a small family car’s annual travel (10,000 miles).   

The money saved will be invested in the many community projects run by the centre, including Northfield’s Orchards which aims to plant 1,400 trees by spring 2013.

“This is an exciting time for Northfield Ecocentre,” said Georgia Stokes, Manager of Northfield Ecocentre.

She said: “As part of our role, it is vital we continue to advise residents on the most up-to-date energy saving technologies and activities available.

“The Ecocentre is working towards becoming a zero carbon organisation. By creating our own renewable energy using solar panels, we can now actually demonstrate our own savings first hand at our centre.

“We are extremely pleased with the installation by Eco2Solar and the donation of panels from E H Smith, and even more grateful for their support in making this possible.”

Paul Hutchens, Managing Director of Eco2Solar added: “It has been a pleasure to be involved in such a fantastic project and help Northfield Ecocentre not only generate its own renewable energy but also champion solar power within the local community. The installation will make a great educational resource for visitors to see first hand the important role renewable energy can play within the local environment in lowering carbon emissions and generating renewable energy.”