Liverpool headquartered Eco Environments has moved its North East office to Newcastle to capitalise on the growing number of business opportunities across the region.

Company Director David Hunt said, “We are still very much active on Teesside. We continue to recruit business development and installation teams from the Teesside area.

“We have had some good successes since opening the Darlington office last year, but we don’t need two offices in the North East.”

The company now plans to expand its footprint in the South, while also looking at potential locations in Oxford and Gloucestershire.

Eco Environments currently has 23 staff working across six UK sites, yet Hunt wants to increase headcount to 50 on the back of rising demand for green energy installations. It is hoped that turnover will increase to £5 million in just two years.

Many solar companies are at present making structural and business strategy alterations on the back of Government subsidy cuts, which are impacting the industry in a big way.

“Very soon solar will be able to stand on its own two feet, without subsidies,” concluded Hunt.


This article has been amended in order to correct earlier inaccuracies.