The McKenna family, who have already gone to great lengths to improve the energy efficiency of the their home by installing cavity wall and loft insulation and fitting a solar thermal system, approached Eco Environments in order to add solar photovoltaics into the mix.

After meeting with Eco Environments the family decided to install a 1.89kWp, nine panel system, using Sanyo panels, and an SMA inverter. The next stage was to review the grants and loans available to help with the costs of the installation. As MCS accredited installers, Eco Environments can access the full range of Government grants. “We were able to assist the McKenna’s to get a £2,500 grant towards the installation through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme- Phase 1,” said the company.

Mr. McKenna said, “We received a terrific service from Eco-Environments, they helped point us in the direction of the best tariffs available to sell our surplus electricity, and the chaps that installed the panels were first class.” 

Eco Environments also provide customers with a ‘Sunnydisplay’, which is a simple solar powered display which records and shows the electricity you are producing now and over the last month.