Poole-based renewables specialist, H2Eco, has launched an all-new solar car port system designed and manufactured in Dorset. The ‘Eco Park’ is an integrated parking solution which combines an architectural car parking canopy with a solar photovoltaic system.

The integrated 1.8kWp solar array is capable of generating 1,900kWh every year –enough energy to power the all-electric Nissan leaf for 8,000 miles of carbon-free driving. Based on current petrol prices this could represent a saving of around £1,500 years.

The modular nature of the system means that the Eco Park is suitable for a number of applications, including, single residential car ports right up to large-scale commercial car park installations. The galvanised steel framework can be further customised by being powder coated in a range of different colours.

Director at H2Eco Mike Stephenson commented: “As a company we are passionate about renewable energy and always looking for pioneering ways to integrate green energy solutions into everyday life. Eco Park ticks lots of boxes, being a great alternative to homeowners who don’t want panels on their roof but would like to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, or to vehicle manufacturers and those managing large municipal car parks.”

Stephenson went on to explain: “For those who have invested in an electric car or are considering doing so, this is yet another step forward to being a green motorist. Even if you don’t drive an electric vehicle the solar car port can feed energy back into your home or business which you can either use, thus substantially reducing your energy bills, or is sold back to the national grid earning you money from the feed-in tariff.”

Sallyann Tanner, Electric Vehicle Relationship Manager at Westover Nissan said: “We are immensely impressed with the Eco Park system. We can envisage all sorts of practical ways to utilise it, and of course it fits superbly with our 100 percent electric Nissan Leaf car. There is no doubt that motorists are getting more switched on to the potential of electric vehicles

She added: “I can see Eco Park being widely installed at homes, offices and car showrooms across the country. We are proud to be involved at the birth of this exciting new concept.”

The company has recently installed an Eco Park solar canopy at its office that is free for any member of the public who wishes to top up their electric vehicle.