Enfinity is launching two new products at this year’s upcoming EcoBuild exhibition. Enfinity’s new offerings are designed to help energy users better manage their consumption and effectively manage their solar electricity generation.

Enfinity has partnered with Fifthplay, a leading expert in the development of web-based smart energy management systems, to develop its new Gateway monitoring system. Gateway will allow real-time communication with a solar PV system’s inverter to enable real-time monitoring of a solar PV system’s performance. Enfinity’s Gateway has been designed with ‘Plug & Play’ a capability that allows it to connect seamlessly with various inverter brands, data will be stored securely online, accessible via an online platform and Enfinity’s application.

Enfinity is also set to unveil its new E-meter which the company hopes will take the Enfinity monitoring platforms to another level, enabling the user to register both solar generation and total energy consumption including other services such as gas and water. Enfinity’s complete energy monitoring solution is designed to help the user save money on their energy bills, giving the user a clear and real-time picture of all energy costs as well as information on income generated through feed-in tariff payments. The advanced E-Meter is capable of indentifying and analysing energy consumption trends and even predicting future energy bills.

“Enfinity has always aimed at developing innovative and efficient technologies with a focus on optimising energy efficiency”, says Jurgen van Damme, Marketing Officer at Enfinity. “With the Gateway and the E-Meter, we offer the end consumer an effective and exciting way of managing their own electricity production and total consumption.  At a time when energy prices are rocketing, this represents an absolute added value at a very attractive price/quality ratio”.

Enfinity will be showcasing the Gateway and E-Meter at Ecobuild 2012, to be held at London’s Excel exhibition and conference centre on March 20-22. The team behind the Solar Power Portal will also be at Ecobuild, available at stand N3705.