Chinese solar manufacturer, Phono Solar, is showcasing three new products for the UK market at Ecobuild 2013. On display at the company’s stand are the Phono Solar AC Frame-Attached Module, the Solar Freedom and the Smart Cube.

The launch of the AC Frame-Attached Module follows the agreement penned last year at Solar Power UK 2012, that saw the Chinese manufacturer form a partnership with American microinverter manufacturer, Enphase. 

The new module incorporates an Enphase M215 microinverter directly into its frame. Phono Solar believes that the AC Frame-Attached module has two distinct advantages. Firstly, as each module is equipped with its own microinverter, shading does not impact the performance of the whole array, only the modules that are shaded. Secondly, the company believes that the module provides installers with more flexibility extra modules can easily be added at a later date and the simplified design allows for quicker installation times. 

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, Marianna Hall, Vice President of Phono Solar Europe said that the AC Frame-Attached Module is the first phase of the company’s planned microinverter integration. The next step would be to remove the module’s junction box and directly integrate a microinverter to make a fully-integrated AC module. 

The second product being introduced to the UK market is the Solar Freedom: a portable energy storage device. The Solar Freedom features a 60Ah battery that is twinned with two portable 50W solar modules. The Solar Freedom is designed to cater for those in need of portable electricity, such as campers. The two 50W modules are capable or fully-charging the portable battery back in just over ten hours. Once the battery is fully-charged it is capable of powering a laptop for over 7 hours.

Finally, the company’s Smart Cube is a home electricity management device that is designed for off-grid applications. The Smart Cube works as both a controller and inverter, with a capacity of 2-3kW.

Phono Solar is promising to launch all three products in the UK “in the near future”.