Inverter manufacturer Power-One has launched two new additions to its AURORA TRIO string inverter line at Ecobuild.

The company introduced its new AURORA PVI-6.0-TL and AURORA PVI-8.0-TL at the trade show, alongside its new microinverters, the AURORA MICRO-0.25-I and AURORA MICRO-0.3-I.

The new AURORA PVI-6.0-TL and PVI-8.0-TL inverters are the company’s smallest three-phase inverters, featuring an output of 6kW and 8kW respectively. The company envisage that the new products will complement the UK residential market. 

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, David Lowen, Director of Sales for Western Europe Renewable Energy at Power-One acknowledged that, although there is continued consumer confusion over the attractiveness of solar in the UK, the residential sector remains a key interest for Power-One. 

He said: “It is clear now that return on investment with the current FiT rate is very attractive. The biggest problem is educating the consumer but also the opportunity value now is bigger — solar is more affordable than ever. I think the UK residential market will double in the next two quarters.”

Lowen added: “We’ve got lots of serious people in the market now and I’m very optimistic about the next two quarters.”

Power-One will also begin shipping its newly-announced microinverters, the AURORA MICRO-0.25-I and AURORA MICRO-0.3-I to the UK market. Lowen told Solar Power Portal that he expects the microinverters to be available to purchase from April, 2013.

Commenting on the future of the UK market, Lowen concluded: “As both our residential as well as our commercial products generated a high demand in the last months, we are optimistic about the future development of the UK market.”