Durham-based solar photovoltaic manufacturer Romag Ltd has announced an alliance with Chinese cell and module manufacturer LDK Solar. The cell supply partnership will see the two companies share their respective expertise to drive the development of new solar technologies. 

The agreement marks the first of its kind for a UK manufacturer, who will partner with the Chinese company to supply, research, develop and design photovoltaic products and raw materials. 

Phil Murray, Managing Director of Romag, stated: “The rapid growth of PV installations in the UK has demonstrated that there is a vibrant market for PV, in both residential and commercial markets.  With customers facing constant increases in energy costs, we believe that the adoption of micro-generation technologies (such as PV) will continue to grow.  

“The evidence is clear – PV is a reliable source of energy and clearly reduces damaging emissions into our environment. I’m delighted that Romag has joined forces with LDK Solar to share expertise in this field and develop products which are particularly suited to the UK and Europe.”  

The ground-breaking partnership was witnessed by Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, who commented: “It is very rewarding to see China and the UK working together in this emerging industry in a true joint venture.” The collaboration reiterates Government’s commitment to further develop expertise in the UK solar industry.

Stuart Brannigan, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for LDK, concluded: “As a Brit and an industry veteran of almost 25 years in the solar industry, I have watched the UK market develop over the last three years into one of the strongest in Europe. Romag have been an integral part of this process and we are delighted that we have the chance to play a significant role in cementing the long term future of PV in the UK.”