The green energy company Ecotricity launched its once popular ‘ecobonds’ for the second time on Saturday.

Riding on the success of ecobond launched last October, which was oversubscribed by 50%, the company has launched ecobond two, allowing investors to share the benefits of the UK’s green energy revolution.

The new move, which seeks to raise £10 million, will have an initial four-year term and will pay out an annual interest rate of 6% and 6.5% for Ecotricity customers.

The bonds are open to UK-based individuals, companies, trusts, charities and other legal entities and are required to make a minimum £500 investment.

Proceeds from ecobond two will be spent in 2012, alongside money from customer’s bills, to build 19 windmills — a project which will see the Ecotricity’s energy generation increased by 50%, according to the company.

“Ecotricity’s mission is to change where Britain’s energy comes from – to bring about energy independence and sustainability for Britain – not dependence on the global energy market,” said Dale Vince OBE, Ecotricity founder.

“We operate on a unique basis – taking the money our customers spend on their energy bills and using it to build new sources of green energy,” he added.

Ecotricity is an entrepreneurial green British business committed to changing the way energy is made and used in Britain.

Established in 1995, Ecotricity operates a ‘not-for-dividend’ model, re-investing the money from customers’ bills back into building more new sources of green energy.