Green energy utility Ecotricity has announced plans to develop three “hybrid” energy parks – combining wind and solar generation at the same site – in the UK.

Existing wind parks in Devon and Lincolnshire will now receive 5MW ground-mount solar installations, while a third 5MW solar farm will be added to a wind farm currently being built in Leicestershire.

Ecotricity said that in sharing one grid connection between the two technologies it created a “more efficient, rounded approach” to clean energy. Founder Dale Vince said the energy parks would be “complementary” and create a “more consistent energy supply”.

“It’s the future of renewable energy in Britain, and we need more of them, but currently the government has rigged the market in favour of fossil fuels. That’s why we’re calling on the Conservatives to level the playing field for energy generation in Britain – to remove the subsidies for fossil fuels just as they have done for wind and solar power.

“Those stealth fossil fuel subsidies add up to £1000 a year for each household; compare that to just £100 a year for renewable energy, which now provides 25% of Britain’s electricity – that’s £100 well spent and a big part of the reason why we’re so confident that with a level playing field renewable energy would thrive,” Vince said.