EDF Renewables now has more than 3GW of solar sites at different stages of development. Image: EDF.

EDF Renewables has submitted a planning application for another 49.9MW solar farm.

The Glassthorpe site, situated between the villages of Flore and Upper Heyford in Northamptonshire, is the latest in a string of 50MW solar sites being pursued by the development arm of the energy giant.

Over the last year, EDF Renewables has conducted a consultation with members of the public, ecological and feasibility surveys, and detailed site assessments for Glassthorpe. Following these steps, the final design includes fewer solar panels near to footpaths as well as changes to the position of some panels.

As part of the development, 1.3 km of new hedgerows, as well as a new wildflower meadow and scrub will be created to boost biodiversity. A community benefit fund will see £20,000 paid annually to support local initiatives for the 40-year lifetime of the project.

“This is an excellent site for a solar farm, as it’s suitably sunny, with an agreed grid connection, and the area is well screened. We are grateful to local people for their input into the consultation and ongoing engagement, and our aim is to be a good neighbour to the community,” said EDF Renewables’ head of development, Darren Cuming.

“EDF Renewables is an experienced developer and we are firmly committed to solar as a technology which plays an important part in the UK energy mix. The UK Government has a target of cutting carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, and the need for security of energy supply is greater than ever.” 

The company currently has more than 3GW of other solar projects at different stages of development, including its 50MW Sutton Bridge farm which started construction in April and a solar farm in Redcar which is to support a green hydrogen project in the Tees Valley.

Last year, it submitted planning applications for the Bloy’s Grove solar farm and the Tye Lane solar farm, while in July 2021 it opened a public consultation for its East Stour solar farm, all of which are 50MW.