Electrovaya has won a competitive bid contract from Scottish and Southern energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) to supply energy storage equipment.

The equipment will be used as part of a distributed energy storage project that forms part of SSEPD’s Thames Valley Vision (TVV) project. Under the TVV project, 25 distributed and independent energy storage systems will be installed in Bracknell.

The systems will range in capacity from 12.5kWh to over 80kWh and use Electrovaya’s SuperPolymer2.0 technology.   

“We are very excited about the project with SSEPD. Not only does it reflect Electrovaya's leadership in advanced grid connected energy storage technology, but the project will lead to the development of substantial smart grid capabilities for Electrovaya's systems,” said Dr. Rajshekar DasGupta, VP business development.

Dr. DasGupta added: “European utilities are gaining interest in energy storage and they have the highest penetration of renewables in the world, thereby placing Electrovaya in a prime position for follow up projects in the region.”

“SSEPD is pleased to be working with a proven energy storage manufacturer and believe their experience in grid connected and mobile storage will allow us to successfully explore the role of Energy Storage and Management Units in supporting the energy needs of our customers as we move towards a low carbon economy.” commented Nigel Bessant, project delivery manager with SSEPD.

Electrovaya expects the storage systems to be delivered by mid 2014.