Elgin’s bifacial installation in Ireland. Image: Elgin Energy.

Elgin Energy has secured planning permission for its largest project in England to date.

Located in Nottinghamshire, the South Wheatley solar farm has a capacity of 49.9MW and was granted planning permission on 26 August 2020.

The site is to have sheep grazing between the panels, with Elgin stating the farm will offset 20,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The farm is one of several new announcements made by Elgin as of late, having announced the development of a 38MW site in Northamptonshire in September.

It also installed Ireland’s first bifacial solar farm at a test site on a dairy farm in Skeoughvosteen, Co. Kilkenny. Panel manufacturer LONGi and inverter manufacturer SolarEdge also contributed to the project, with Irish renewable company Enerpower installing the modules and associated equipment.

Elgin has also formed a joint venture with the Foresight Group to develop 200MW of UK solar, with a target of six projects located in England, Wales and Scotland.