Elgin Energy has partnered METKA EGN to progress 76MW of solar to energisation.

The solar is unsubsidised and consists of a 49.9MW project in England and two projects in Scotland that together total 26MW.

METKA EGN is the renewables and energy storage business unit of Greek solar developer MYTILINEOS. General manager of the business unit, Nikos Papapetrou, said that its “significant experience and engineering capability” will help to integrate more renewables into the UK grid.

“The acquisition of these projects will also consolidate our position in the UK market,” Papapetrou added.

Elgin Energy, meanwhile, has a portfolio of 62 projects totalling over 2GW in late stage development in the UK market. It secured £4.7 million of funding to complete the late-stage development of a 250MW-strong UK solar portfolio in January.

The solar developer has been active in the market for a number of years, having delivered 21 projects totalling 230MW under the now defunct Renewables Obligation scheme. In 2018, it had plans approved for a 50MW site in Scotland at a former RAF airfield.

Ronan Kilduff, group managing director of Elgin Energy, said the new announcement highlights the “strong relationship” it has with MYTILINEOS and is “further evidence” of solar PV having established itself as a “cost-effective, utility-scale renewable technology”.

“With the fastest installation times of any renewable energy technology, solar PV is now uniquely placed to speed up the UK’s drive to decarbonise its electricity grid and meet its ambitious target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050,” he finished.